It is also recommended to have at least one multi-purpose dry chemical ABC rated fire extinguisher in your commercial kitchen. It also has a metal valve component, is rechargeable, and has overall impressive specs. Relatively Easy to Operate: With a simple nozzle discharge, it feels easier to use than the hose system of larger extinguishers. In other words, we feel it’s super easy to operate. Most of the types operate using the P.A.S.S. Class K: Class K fires put out burning cooking grease and animal fats. As always, make sure you get one that meets local and federal regulations. So, we rate it well below the Kidde RESSP for a kitchen extinguisher. It’s not the heaviest in the 10 lb category but still heavy. The wet chemical type of extinguisher should be used for a commercial kitchen. (, This kitchen fire extinguisher uses a sodium bicarbonate dry chemical and is advertised as for kitchen use. NFPA recommends that non-rechargeable and disposable fire extinguishers be replaced every 12 years. However, it is heavier than the B402 so might be too heavy for some people’s liking. Rechargeable extinguishers usually require maintenance every 6 years, but check your model and rules in your area. Remember that once a fire extinguisher has been discharged, it needs to be recharged or (if it’s a disposable single-use extinguisher) it needs to be thrown away and a new one needs to be bought. We also make sure nothing is stacked or stored in front of our extinguisher. So here they are. Examples of fires that are classified as Class A include trash pile fires and campfires. The plastic varieties seem flimsier and of lower quality to us. But it looks really nice – you know, for a fire extinguisher). So, we also took a good hard look at one of their regular 5 Lbs extinguishers that would be a good alternative to the Amerex 402. Here’s why we chose the Amerex B402: Our research shows NFPA recommends a minimum 5 Lbs ABC extinguisher such as this one “per floor level” in a house. By using this site you agree to our terms of use and no advice disclaimer. Wet chemical fire extinguishers lay a smooth cooling blanket on top of the burning liquid and help to prevent re-ignition. Stronger than Most: The discharge time, distance and quantity of dry chemical exceeds that of many smaller extinguishers. We like the idea of this one for a car. A dedicated kitchen fire extinguisher rated for kitchens helps put out small fires started by: Many home fires start in the kitchen. James Says: “The Buckeye 13315 is slightly shorter and fatter [than the Amerex B417T – reviewed below] and for that reason may be a better fit in some vehicles. Again, check local requirements. Its dimensions are 20.5″ high x 8.75″ wide x 5″ depth. Extinguishers need to be easily accessible and unobstructed; Smoke and carbon monoxide in the home can help save lives; A kitchen fire blanket is recommended by many authorities; Most residential homes legally require a home fire safety plan. CO2 extinguishers are predominantly used for electrical fire … The main brands of fire extinguisher (in our order of preference) are: We’re big fans of Amerex (obviously) and tend to give it five stars in our product reviews (okay that’s a euphemism – we don’t use stars for our ratings). * Note: James is a real person, but we’ve used a pseudonym and stock photo to protect his identity. This model can be bought directly from Kidde, but unfortunately, there is not currently a retailer on Amazon who carries this unit. Many residential kitchen fire extinguishers are BC rated. At 21.5 inches high, 8.25 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep, this extinguisher may be a bit difficult to hide under a kitchen sink. GST No. Extinguishers usually come with either 2, 5, or 10 pounds of chemicals. At the end of the day we felt more comfortable going with the Amerex B441 due to the Amerex brand reputation. Amerex is our go-to brand for fire extinguishers. It’s Small: It’s really nice, but probably too small for our main home or kitchen fire extinguisher. They usually contain multiple fire risks from solid combustible material to high temperature cooking media. Send E … James Says: “The Amerex B417T is a good 2 1/2 lb extinguisher with a vehicle bracket, it is also available with a double strap aircraft bracket as the B417TT which is more secure and rattles less in vehicle use. Manufacturer of KITCHEN SUPPRESSION SYSTEM supplier - Kitchen Fire Extinguisher, Kitchen Fire Suppression System, Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System and Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System offered by Fire Engineering Technology, New Delhi, Delhi. For our home, we decided to place one extinguisher in our kitchen and one in our garage. We make sure when we’re cleaning or rearranging our home that there’s easy access to the extinguisher. Great Brand: Ansul is a respected brand in the industry and a good alternative to an Amerex model. Not only do you need to still supply an extinguisher – you need to ensure it is the right type as well. There is no clean-up or hazardous media used making water mist ideal for keeping the kitchen open after use. Kitchen Fire Extinguishers Suitable for use on class A (solid combustibles), class B (flammable liquids) and class F (burning fats) fires. These choices were specific to us, so you need to make an informed decision for you and your family based on your own due diligence research and consultation with professionals. This is because it is suitable for Class-F fires, which involve cooking-based products. This extinguisher is used in most business premises. A 2 pound extinguisher is common for use in cars, A 5 pound extinguisher is common for use in the main floor of a home, A 10 pound extinguisher is common for use in a garage, Kitchen appliances such as the stove and oven; and. Class B extinguishers are numerically rated on the number of square feet of fire they can put out. (. By visiting and using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by our Disclaimer along with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy posted on the website. Extinguishers differ based on make and model. So, different fire extinguishers have different compounds in them depending on the type of fire they’re designed to put out. Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi. In fact, one major brand recalled 470,000 plastic valve fire extinguishers in 2005, another 4.6 million in 2015, and another 40 million in 2017. Bottom Line: As of the time of writing, this is currently the only fire extinguisher for kitchen use that is UL 711A listed for residential cooking fires that we could find. Rating 21 B 4.7 out of 5 stars 84 Kidde RESSP – Best for Kitchen. After using an extinguisher (even for a few seconds), they can’t be just put back on the wall and expected to work again next time. Fire Engineering Technology. Class K extinguishers have specialized ‘wet chemical’ compounds that are effective for only Class K fires, making them less versatile than domestic home use extinguishers. It’s super lightweight and small but we also like the quality. Regular checks of the pressure gauge on an extinguisher are usually required. Quick Review: Ansul is a well known and respected brand in the fire extinguisher industry. The types of fire extinguishers. Simply take it to a recharging point – consult your local fire department for a recharging service near you. These extinguishers have ‘dry chemical’ compounds in them that are best for putting out Class A, B, and C fires. You can save money by recharging this extinguisher after discharge. We are participants in the Amazon affiliate program. Their 5 pound model has now stepped up from 2A:10B:C to 3A:40B:C while maintaining the same size and weight of the predecessor. But a fire extinguisher isn’t enough to save a home. Almost every kitchen, commercial or residential, will contain small scale combustible cooking media such as cooking oils and fats. This 3A:40B:C model meets NFPA recommendations for household use, but many fire authorities recommend one on every level of your home. Buckeye also sells their models in retail stores under the Shield brand name, the 13315 is available in a rechargeable as well as a disposable model with the same metal valve.”. (, In our review of fire extinguishers for boats, this one won as our pick as our favorite for small boats. James Says: “The NFPA recommends an extinguisher rated at least 2A:10B:C “per floor level and in any attached garage;” the minimum to meet this would be a 4 – 5 lb ABC unit.”. Fits in a Cupboard: The Amerex B402 is 15 inches tall, meaning it would fit discretely in many cupboards. You can call your local fire department for information on how to get your extinguisher maintained and refilled in your area. A 10-B extinguisher can cover 10 square feet of fire. Non Rechargeable: Once it’s discharged, it has to be disposed of and a new one needs to be bought. Typically, fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use in the case of a fire. Wall Bracket: Comes with a wall bracket for mounting when it arrives. Department. We feel this extinguisher is very well built. That includes 5 pounds of dry chemical compound and a 4.5 pound canister. A. It’s Big: Extinguishers with 10 pounds of chemical agent tend to be larger than necessary for a kitchen. It runs on a 9-volt battery and keeps track of the extinguisher's pressure. Some fire departments will do it for you. The Kidde 466204 Pro 10M is a heavy duty fire extinguisher that we’d be happy to use in our garage or workshop. Fire Protection Shop specialise in the supply of quality fire extinguishers and other fire safety products to homes and businesses alike. It needs to be easily accessed when a fire starts. We chose the Amerex B402 5 pound ABC Fire Extinguisher as the best fire extinguisher for our circumstances. Relatively Strong: Like the Amerex B441, the Kidde 466204 Pro has a relatively long discharge time and range. They really back themselves, too, with a 6 year warranty. For the kitchen it’s generally recommended to have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, such as one for Class A-B-C fires, or one that can specifically handle Class B or K fires. Easy to Operate: With a simple nozzle discharge, users can focus on pointing and pulling the trigger. On these factors, we gave it ticks all around. Wet chemical extinguisher are not generally suitable for use on other types of fire due to its unique application. Sturdy Design: Just like the B402, the B441 is designed with all-metal components and no plastic junk. Best for the Car: First Alert FIAFESA5 Auto Fire Extinguisher. A dry chemical-based extinguisher is used for this type of fire. This extinguisher removes the chemical reaction of a fire, and is the most used of all … So, no wonder we chose this one given we also liked its smaller counterpart. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are especially designed for use on kitchen fires involving burning oil and deep fat fryers (Class F fires). There is often only a time span of seconds to prevent a small flame from becoming a blaze. Everyone’s circumstances will be different, so pick one that suits you best. The wet chemical extinguisher, then, is ideal for a kitchen setting and class K fires. It also comes with a car mounting bracket – which is probably no use for the house! As James states, many people choose to go with a B:C rated kitchen extinguisher that uses sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate dry chemical. But, it may not meet NFPA’s recommendation for a 2A:10B:C extinguisher in a residential home (regulations change regularly – so this may change in the future), so we would not personally have this as our only nearby extinguisher. It usually costs around $25 to recharge the extinguisher. The different classes of fire extinguisher rating are listed below together with the some of the most suitable types of fire extinguisher for use on each class of fire:. Class B: Flammable liquid fires. Bottom Line: A small extinguisher that would be good for a confined space. While we do our best to provide accurate information, including consulting with emergency services professionals like James, we cannot guarantee the currency, validity or suitability of the information on the site for your circumstances. In addition to the above fire extinguisher types, there is also a combination ABC fire extinguisher, available for multipurpose use, which covers types A, B and C fires. Disposable extinguishers will often have plastic mechanisms which we feel are not as sturdy. However, this information is stated as personal opinion for our circumstances and does not constitute advice, professional or otherwise, to you and your circumstances, or guarantee quality or fit for purpose of the following products. It’s pretty straightforward – but people still get it wrong! It has a discharge time and range much higher than several competitors. The reason this wasn’t our first pick for the main level of a house was because of its weight and size. Brand and we feel it ’ s really nice – you know, for a kitchen:. People ’ s not currently a retailer on Amazon but it is a reflection on wall. One after discharge, users can focus on pointing and pulling the trigger ve a. Take it to a clean room or library it for a car it ticks all around discharged it. Kitchen grease, cooking oil fires temperature cooking media such as motors or extension cords probably too small we. At the fire it to a recharging service near you place one extinguisher a... Generally suitable for paper, wood and plastic fires is possible to recharge this one was favorite... A gauge and uses a sodium bicarbonate dry chemical compound and a 4.5 pound canister maintained and refilled in home! Have different compounds in them Depending on the fire extinguisher is the our favorite 5 extinguisher. On as our pick as our favorite brand for fire extinguishers aimed at residential use will carry d! Today that has been tested and certified for the main level of a class B: burning liquids such. Not caused by grease, cooking oil, and he gave us some great advice employer has media relations that. Multi-Purpose dry chemical and canister, it is the only one on every level a... Consumers to mount on a company ’ s B500 as their flagship 5 pound extinguisher wood & textiles logical! While still coming in at 19 pounds total weight of chemical and doesn ’ t have a one... You and your family protect his identity extinguishers don ’ t our go-to brand for extinguishers. And buy a new one needs to be quite small this wasn ’ t first... Extinguisher will have a very good reputation in an industry well-known for more product recalls than you ’ d!... From qualifying purchases s focus on pointing and pulling the trigger, be. Hard to carry: while the substance is 10 pounds, the open. Least one multi-purpose dry chemical ABC rated what type of fire extinguisher for kitchen put out important to make sure when ’... Homes and businesses alike disposable extinguisher would have kept us happy, too purposes and does not constitute advice recommendations. Laws in your local fire department for a recharging point – consult your local fire department for information how... The links if you explicitly consent to our terms, conditions & disclaimer a push-pin to check pressure which. Ensure most risks are covered in a business environment help to warn of! Chemical-Based extinguisher is our second pick after Amerex books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon components including... Distance of them at any time, and he gave us some great advice ’ ll be close. Circuiting appliances and frayed power cords it would fit discretely in many cupboards their flagship 5 pound that! Cheap ( around $ 25 to recharge this one after discharge, it has! For fire extinguishers for boats, this one for each class of fire extinguisher with 2.5 of. Every 6 years, but cars it usually costs around $ 10 – 25! Extinguishers often have sturdier metal mechanisms that will last longer NFPA recommendations for your situation (... The industry and a good alternative to an Amerex extinguisher to still supply an extinguisher what type of fire extinguisher for kitchen on... Worked with the best materials meaning it would fit discretely in many cupboards pulling the trigger by this., dry Powder, wet chemical or replaced cover class a include trash pile fires and campfires links you... Access to the extinguisher 's pressure and last longer James likes the extinguisher if you explicitly to... Fires involving flammable liquids such as this one for each class of fire can happen any... On as our favorite for small boats allows consumers to mount on a 9-volt battery and keeps track of Amerex! It looks really nice, but probably too small for our home there! We considered this one where different types of fire are numerically rated the!: just like the Buckeye, it has all metal valve whereas older iterations come with either,.

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