All servers reside within either Valuation Connects primary or secondary data center. Valuation Connect maintains an Incident Response Policy and Procedure to ensure incidents are investigated, resolved, and remediated. Client Testimonials “That’s why I use you guys, thanks for the quick response time! Its online platform and analytical tools are used to protect the country's top 10 mortgage lenders, and help hundreds of companies, like AppraiserVendor, help to prevent collateral-based loss to the mortgage lending industry. Steve earned his degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Development from San Diego State University in San Diego, California. With a proven track record of implementing necessary strategies for business development and growth, compliance monitoring, automation, and workflow efficiency in a highly competitive, regulated, and volatile industry, Steve is dedicated to achieving results by maintaining a reputation built on character, service, and uncompromising ethics. We recognize each client has individual goals and needs, and is committed to providing a unique and customized solution to accomplish them. Public facing systems are segmented within a DMZ, isolated from internal systems by a pair of next generation firewalls protecting the intranet. Sensitive data is encrypted within the database. For this commitment to excellence, Jeff was a recipient of the Indianapolis’ Top 40 under 40 Executive Accomplishment award. Vendor Login Welcome to the Archer Portal This site is reservered for certified Accurate providers We are committed to continually enhancing this web portal and welcome your … Secure FTP) and email transmission (e.g. Immediate access to your dedicated vendor management team. Valuation Connect performs routine vulnerability scans and monthly patch management. Vendor ID: Password: Login. With over 50 years combined Appraisal experience, our staff is more than knowledgeable in all aspects of the Appraisal and Appraisal Management Industry. About LRES Corporation - Genesis 8.0. Jeff has spent over 20 years serving in executive management and ownership positions within IT/Software Development, Web Development, Real Estate, and AMC industries. If you feel that an appraiser’s independence has been compromised, or undue influence or pressure has been placed on an appraiser in completion of an assignment for AppraiserVendor, you can report any violations to. If you sign into Mercury Network as a vendor, none of your orders will be visible. Copyright © 2021 ClearValue Consulting Inc. Login. Click here to sign into the Client area of Mercury Network. Please email your resume and credentials to. Demonstrating compliance is about documenting the requirements, demonstrating how the requirements are met, and constantly evaluating our processes, partners, and people to ensure we maintain ongoing. Valuation Connect maintains its own cage with access controls. My wife Barbara and I have had our Real Estate Appraisal Company, Action Appraisers, Inc since 2005 where we have appraised well over 9,000 residential appraisals. Appraisers: For a copy of our step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the new website, 2,500+ business rules and USPAP guidelines reviewed. We pay most appraisal orders within 7 days of completion, with Direct Deposit as an option. All servers and workstations are built and hardened to the Valuation Connect baseline standard with servers performing a single role. Steve joined AppraiserVendor in January, 2017 and, along with their experienced team of executives and management personnel, has generated immediate results in efficiency, growth, and systems’ development. TLS) using industry recognized algorithms. Attorneys, Title Companies, Appraisers, Property Inspectors and other specialists involved in a real estate transaction can manage their assignments through the RES.NET Vendor Portal. Our dynamic team has an average of 25 years of experience in the appraisal industry. Log In . Vendor Portal. The vendor is to maintain a secure computing environment including the use of: up to date (patched) operating systems, centrally managed antivirus, user access through a proxy, and next generation firewalls at the perimeter. Suite C Greenwood, IN 46142. AppraiserVendor understands that keeping up with our industry’s ever-changing regulatory landscape is critical to surviving the mortgage business. Our staff of valuation managers, transaction managers, and relationship managers work to ensure the highest level of customer service is delivered at all times. It is these attributes and our commitment to excellence, which allow us to provide impartial, compliant, and timely delivery of products to our clients with uncompromising quality. If you have any questions or concerns on how AppraiserVendor keeps you compliant, feel free to contact us. Clients: For a copy of our client ordering guide, providing high-level instructions. Appraisal Scope’s self-service vendor portal reduces the time spent handling vendor inquiries and makes it easier for vendors to do business with your organization. A house next door to the house we built 1600 sq feet ranch appraised higher than our Traditions 3100. Users can access Support Services by contacting Mortgage Connect at 866-789-1814 x501 or by email at A concept that escapes most AMC's but one that has served us well in providing exceptional service to our clients and their consumers. We practice appraiser to appraiser communication on appraisal related items to provide a superior experience for our panel. Passwords are required to be complex, changed frequently and will lockout after a predetermined number of invalid attempts. Prior to starting AppraiserVendor, Jeff served as CEO of Web-Pros, a national web development company managing over 400 clients. The vendor shall maintain procedures to include the timely notification of employee’s change of status to Valuation Connect and periodic access reviews to address user entitlement changes. Exceptions to the custom appraisal review rule set communicated directly to impacted parties -- appraiser, reviewer, lender -- so necessary actions can be taken to speed the completion of high quality appraisals, Public record, local listing and pending sale data gathered and provided for additional insight on trends and comparables, Sales price movement, market risk and potential mortgage fraud detected, Delivers a consistent quality control (QC) process loved by compliance personnel, investors and auditors, Delivers higher quality appraisals with faster reviews, including a full audit trail, and lowers your risk of collateral-based buybacks, Validates comps and nearby sales which are scored and ranked, based on subject property similarities, Uses Public Record and MLS data to put Subject Property in context of the surrounding community, Creates an interactive, dynamic, and highly configurable checklist specifically designed for AppraiserVendor’s appraisal review process. Appraiser Independence Hotline: 888-996-8061. Allstate Appraisal is always seeking competent and dedicated real estate appraisers to join our panel. The appraisal report is inaccurate. WE HEAR YOU! We have several full-time appraisers at our disposal to help with any appraisal questions. Welcome. Valuation Connect performs routine user account review to ensure appropriate entitlements and the removal of dormant accounts. Active Certified Residential Appraiser in good … Superior report upload and vendor payment history. Easy-to-navigate, self-serve profile maintenance. AppraiserVendor is always looking to retain the very best and brightest our industry has to offer. About Old Republic Servicing Solutions | Old Republic Insurance Group . Users are assigned a unique user name and password. 888.418.2676. Appraisal Management. Valuation Connect has employed advanced next generation firewalls with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) at the network perimeter configured in pairs for high availability. AppraiserVendor is committed to the delivery of products and services of quality and integrity, free from undue influence. compliance.. Our dedication to compliance includes: As a consumer or as an appraiser, if you believe appraisal fraud has been committed or if you feel there has been an attempt to influence value, a report has been provided that is misleading, or believe that the AIR or the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) have been violated in any way, please call our AIR hotline at 877-761-5150 to report your concern. Preferred Appraiser Qualifications. A third party external penetration test is performed annually. LOGIN… Vendor ID: Password: I accept the Terms and Conditions. VIBe Review existing appraisal orders. Contact Info. A correct report with correct data has been requested. Founded in 2002, Platinum Data has been a leader in the collateral segment for over a decade. The vendor is to maintain a secure computing environment including the use of: up to date (patched) operating systems, centrally managed antivirus, user access through a proxy, ... We are an appraisal management company, managed by appraisers. Address: PO Box 250, Orange, CA, 92856-6250 Telephone: 714-385-3500 E-mail: Website: Gostaríamos de exibir a descriçãoaqui, mas o site que você está não nos permite. About Us. Valuation Connect vendors are required to ensure its policies, procedures and technical controls are in place to ensure the connection/transfer of sensitive data remains secure and reduce risk of the transfer of malicious software into Valuation Connect. To do this, Valuation Connect has established a formal information security program to ensure appropriate controls are in place to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access or disclosure. For status updates, please place a note in your file and our team will respond shortly. We do that first with our distinctive “We Hear You” approach delivered through certified professionals. Founded by appraisers and led by industry experts with. It is integrated with FNC's Collateral Management System®, used by many mortgage lenders, banks, and appraisal management companies. LRES is committed to conducting our business in compliance with all industry regulations and standards. Datacenters maintain SOCI/II reports which Valuation Connect reviews on an annual basis. A results-driven professional with a team-building mentality, he began his career in Valuations Management in 2001 with overseeing operations and fulfillment for a staff of 80 personnel, servicing several of the largest lenders in the country including Chase, US Bank, and several others. We are an appraisal management company, managed by appraisers. The company has been recognized with numerous industry awards. Login Welcome to ACT Appraisal’s Web Management System, a Client Management and Appraisal Processing System Existing Client Login New Client / New Appraiser Registration Appraiser Login Staff Login Log In . This channel can be utilized to report technical issues, operational failures, incidents, problems, concerns and complaints. Access to Valuation Connect environment shall be secure using industry recognized encryption algorithm agreed upon by Valuation Connect and the vendor. Forgot password? FAS is a nationwide asset management company providing REO, BPO, short sale, appraisal, title curative and valuation services for foreclosed, delinquent or bank owned properties since 1979. Red Bell Access our Radian Interactive Value and Rental Analysis. Both data centers and operational facilities provide physical security controls including, video monitoring, access controls, environmental monitoring and alerting, and visitor policy and procedures. Appraisal information compared to custom review rule set(s) established by client, lenders, investors, etc. Please fill out the form below, or contact us at: LLC 3195 W. Fairview Rd. Forgot password? Login. Data centers are enterprise class co-location providing air handling, power and network connectivity. Log In To Recover Info From Appraisals That Do Not Begin With 'AV-', To create a new Client/Appraiser Account, click 'Log In' blue button above,, If you need help accessing the site or need to reset your password, contact us at. Antivirus is centrally managed with definition updates pushed daily. Currently Jeff serves as a partner, CFO, and CTO at AppraiserVendor. Jeff’s proven track-record of leading companies through start-up, survival, turnaround, and growth phases have helped to shape AppraiserVendor’s strategic initiatives since 2007. Vendors and Counterparties Streamline your process by logging in below. Powerful Order Management. As a driving force in development and implementation of regulatory compliance, quality control, automation, and workflow efficiency, Steve's approach to both business and personnel management led to a rapid ascension in the valuation industry, taking on his first executive role in 2007. Valuation Connect has a culture of teamwork, excellence, and dedication. Aaron left the U.S. Army in 1997 and immediately began his career in real estate, obtaining his appraisal certification and opening, owning, and managing the Indiana Appraisal Group. End users are restricted from writing to USB and CD-R. Valuation Connect has deployed Security Incident Event Manager (SIEM) throughout the environment. Valuation Connect is committed to protecting both its proprietary and customer data. Contact Info. Born and raised in Greenwood, IN, Jeff graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington earning his degree in Marketing and Economics from the school of business. In November 2016 we replaced one of our largest… “Action Appraisers, Inc.” Our entire fulfillment process is designed with controls in place to ensure we exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements including Appraisal Independence Requirements, as well as all other federal and all state regulations. Clarocity Valuation Services 3115 Melrose Drive, Suite 130 Carlsbad, CA 92010 (760) 208-6400 Register today to advertise your services to the RES.NET community, including Asset Managers, Agents, Buyers, and … AppraisalPort is a secure, Web-based work site from which appraisers can receive orders, send completed reports, and communicate with their clients. Client & Vendor Sign In - Manage your appraisal operations at Mercury Network an award-winning ECOA compliant appraisal vendor management platform. User sessions are required to re-authenticate after periods of inactivity. Valuation tools and streamlined processes are only as effective as the people behind them. Valuation Connect requires all sensitive data transmissions to be encrypted through the web (e.g. User-friendly order management platform. As a management company founded by former Appraisers, we are poised to overcome the challenges that can arise during the appraisal process. An intuitive dashboard with live, auto-refreshed order status keeps you up to date without having to open every order. For assistance, call: (888) 852-5381. Mercury Network provides lenders with a vendor management platform to improve their appraisal management process and maintain regulatory compliance. About Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services. Suite 120, Roseville, CA, 95661 Telephone: (877) 490-0390 E-mail: Website: The Vendor site is used by vendors such as appraisers, agents, and inspectors to manage orders assigned by Clients. HTTPS), bulk file transfer (e.g. ... You’re like a breath of fresh air as opposed to some of the other appraisal management companies we have dealt with in the past! The Valuation Connect security program is comprised of both technical and procedural controls. In the event of a security incident within the vendor environment, the vendor is required to notify Valuation Connect in a timely manner and to provide necessary access to system logs, user interviews and relevant information of the event in question. Forgot password? In addition, Jeff was the founder and CEO of REO Oasis, a real-estate software company whose revolutionary platform assisted banking and real estate professionals with the management of REO properties. As an employee you’ll receive a comprehensive benefits package, paid training and licensure programs, a casual work environment, and company culture that promotes development and a clear promotional path. Email for more details on how we can set you up to receive this report! The SIEM generates alerts which are reviewed by designated members of IT. Valuation Connect employs antivirus on all desktops and servers. Client/Lender Login Appraiser Login (Etrac) Appraiser Login (AScope) Staff Login. Address: 2270 Douglas Blvd. Leveraging his business acumen and executive experience, Steve has drawn upon his knowledge and practice in several areas of real estate including property management, finance, product/systems development, and sales to become a recognized leader in valuation management and fulfillment. Join Our Appraiser Vendor Panel.

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